Everdon and CyberTeq, two solid and specialized companies in cyber security have formed a strategic partnership to deal with the constant alteration of the cyber landscape. To keep up with rapid changes in the cyber arena, a partnership is a vital tool to be able to respond in a quick and efficient manner. The overall objective with the partnership is to exchange deep technical knowledge and strategies for protecting our valuable customers’ critical information assets.

Both Everdon and CyberTeq have robust experience from advanced IT-security and complex forensic investigations, specifically Everdon from Europe and Asia whereas CyberTeq have gained their experience from the Middle East and Africa. The partnership enables exchange of exclusive experience from these continents which will give the companies a broader global view and deeper understanding of information with high value for cybercriminals.

The partnership with CyberTeq follow Everdon’s main strategy to provide customers with world-unique consultancy services, a preventive approach to cyber security with quick responses to identified anomalies, says Per-Olov Humla, VD Everdon Security.

The partnership with Everdon will strengthen CyberTeq capabilities in providing IT–forensic services to our clients in Africa. This is aligned with CybeTeq’s strategy to establish a Cyber Security centre of excellence in Kigali being the ICT hub of East Africa, says Amma Adhami, CEO CyberTeq.

For more information, please contact:

Ammar Adhami, CEO, CyberTeq, phone: +971 4440 4846

Per-Olov Humla, CEO, Everdon Security Corp, phone: +46 70 880 88 70

About Everdon Security 

Everdon Security was founded in 2014 and has quickly established a trademark as a reliable business partner for cyber security services focusing to support companies and organizations with sensitive security issues related to industrial espionage and information leakage. The consultants at Everdon Security has extensive experience supporting large-scale multinational enterprises as well as smaller research – and intensive technology companies with expertise in the security field.

For more information, see http://www.everdonsecurity.com

About CyberTeq

CyberTeq is an innovative Information Security Consulting Company being the first Rwandan Cyber Security firm, covering in services East African countries. CyberTeq is an expert team of highly dedicated cyber security specialists. As an information security veterans, CyberTeq secure customers in different markets: Governments, Banks and Financial Institution, Telecom Operators, Services Providers, Industry and others.

For more information, see https://cyber-teq.com/.