Smart Agriculture

Smart Agriculture


  • Precision Agriculture
    Leaf wetness, fruit diameter
  • Irrigation Systems
    Soil moisture, leaf wetness
  • Greenhouses
    Solar radiation, humidity, temperature
  • Weather Stations
    Anemometer, wind vane, pluviometer
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  • Air Temperature, Humidity and Pressure
  • Soil Temperature / Moisture
  • Leaf Wetness
  • Solar Radiation – PAR
  • Ultraviolet Radiation – UV
  • Trunk Diameter
  • Stem Diameter
  • Fruit Diameter
  • Anemometer
  • Wind Vane
  • Pluviometer
  • Luminosity (Luxes)
  • Ultrasound (distance measurement)


Agriculture Board Guide (v12)


In this guide you can find a detailed description of the Agriculture v20 Board, including the hardware, the sensors you can attach to it and all the information you need to program an application using the Waspmote API libraries designed to facilitate the management of all the resources of the board.