Cyberteq has recently completed the first part of the Quality of Service Audit for the Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (TRA) in Oman. The scope of this part is to audit the Quality of Service (QOS) KPIs that are set by TRA and reported by both telecom operators in Oman. It covered mobile and fixed services (voice/broadband) in addition to customer experience indicators.

“This new project in 2017 with the telecommunication regulatory authority in Oman was a result of our trustful partnership which started back in 2013 when we delivered our first project to Oman TRA. The audit results will empower TRA to secure compliance to its telecom defined standards resulting in better end user experience” said Michal Suchocki, Head of Sales at Cyberteq.

Currently Cyberteq team started part 2 of this project in Oman related to field measurements which will be completed in second quarter of 2018.

Cyberteq has more than 20 years of experience in delivering telecom consultancy services worldwide working with both private and public sectors.