The team of Female Students from STEM Camp visited at Friday Cyberteq office to learn more about ICT technologies. Female students were selected from 8 different schools through the US-Embassy Alumni program called “Techwomen”. This program promotes women in technology world through trainings and mentorships. Part of the program is a visit to Technology companies to see in real life how different solutions help customers in the real operations.

Cyberteq presented Cyber Security Services and IoT components for different verticals. Students were interested in Cyber Security Services and the ways Cyberteq can support government and financial institutions against cyber-attacks. In the second part of the visit our IoT team explained how different sensors and aggregators work, and how to integrate them into vertical IoT applications.

Cyberteq was very pleased to host the Female Students from STEM Camp. We are going to set up discussion how to involve interns from STEM Camp to potential projects, says Kevine Bajeneza COO of Cyberteq.

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About CyberTeq

CyberTeq is an innovative Information Security Consulting Company being the first Rwandan Cyber Security firm, covering in services East African countries. CyberTeq is an expert team of highly dedicated cyber security specialists. As an information security veterans, CyberTeq secure customers in different markets: Governments, Banks and Financial Institution, Telecom Operators, Services Providers, Industry and others.

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